America and Australia expressed their Desire for Business Cooperation with India

China's aggressive dealings with neighboring countries have accelerated the creation of new equations in the world. Nothing can be said about what the new equation will be like, but India will play an important role in it.

The joint statement issued after the important meeting of the Foreign and Defense Ministers of America and Australia on Tuesday is a testimony to this. Both countries have said that they are working with some other countries including India to build a strong alliance in the Indo-Pacific region to make it open to all, safe and one law.

This joint statement has rejected China's claim in the Indian Pacific region and the need to protect the sovereignty of other countries in the region. It has been said. This joint statement by the US and Australia has come when preparations are being made to include Australia in the nine military exercises to be held between India, Japan and the US. The Malabar military exercise takes place every year and a formal invitation will be sent from India soon to include Australia.

Australia has already expressed willingness to join it. Political experts in New Delhi believe that joint military exercises will certainly be discussed in the agenda of the meeting of the Australian and US ministers. China's relations with India have been strained after China's military encroachment in eastern Ladakh.