Another Round of Talks between India and China

  • Negotiations between officials of both countries not moving in any direction

  • WMCC meeting on Friday, now preparations for military talks

On Friday, to end military tension on the eastern Ladakh border, again a crucial meeting between the officials of the Ministry of External Affairs of India and China was held, but indications are clear that there is little possibility of any result of these meetings soon.

This was the third meeting after the encroachment of Chinese troops in May 2020 under the Working Mechanism (WMCC), set up to coordinate and compromise on border matters. Also military level had four meetings. Like the previous meetings, this time also the two sides have established the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh. (Linseed) fully agreed upon the prompt withdrawal of troops.

Also, both sides have said that peace and tranquility on the border are necessary for the betterment of bilateral relations. But on how long the troops will return, both sides have remained silent. The mood of the two previous meetings of the WMCC was similar. The case of military withdrawal is stuck.

India-China to hold more talks on border stand-off