Assam Flood Fury Killed 85 People

  • The severe flooding in Assam has at least killed 85 people. And has displaced millions of people away from their home and family.

  • In the Barpeta district of Assam, most of the houses are submerged due to the flood.

Many people have taken shelter near the roadside. Most of the villages in Barpeta District in Assam are completely destroyed. They have cut-off from wrest of the state due to floods. The only mode of travel that they can use is a boat, as the roads are fully flooded with water and are submerged.

 Over 25 districts ravaged. All the villages in Chodry Bazar, are completely submerged even the electric poles. Most of the people are forced to take shelter on the embankments. Due to the floods, they have lost all their precious belongings as well as savings. All the villagers are worried, as they have to start from scratch again.

 Low-line areas of Assam are adversely affected, as they are not only facing floods but are also fighting with the pandemic of Covid-19. This is really a very difficult situation for the residents of the country living in low-line areas of Bihar.

Assam Floods: Death Toll Rises To 85 With People In 28 Districts Prone To Danger