Ban on 47 Cloned Apps after 59 Chinese Apps

Keeping in view the sovereignty and security of the country, 47 more Chinese apps have been banned. Recently, the government banned the use of China's famous 59 apps in India, including TikTok and Helo.

Most of the 47 apps announced to be banned on Monday were working like a cloned version of the banned 59 apps. According to the Ministry of IT and Electronics, the notification of the ban on these apps was issued last Friday.

However, the list of banned 47 apps has not been released by the ministry, according to sources, these apps include Tiktok Light, Helo Light, Sharelight Light, Vigo Light, and vfy Light, Cam Scanner Advance are included. The ministry believes that this ban will open the way for Indian app companies so that they can do business globally. According to the ministry, in June, after the ban on 59 apps, a cloned version of the banned app by Chinese companies was released on the Play Store under the same name.

These cloned version apps were being downloaded in India in large numbers. According to sources, the government is constantly monitoring more than 100 Chinese apps.

Govt bans 47 more Chinese apps in India after 59 apps banned in June