Biden Leads on Trump in Another Survey

In a recent poll on presidential elections, Democrat candidate G. Biden leads by 10 points. Most Americans consider Bin, the former vice-president to lead the country.

The Hill News website quoted the Harvard Maps Harris Survey as stating that 55 percent of Americans support Wyden, while President Donald Trump is accompanied by only 45 percent of voters. 91 percent of Democrat supporters are with the bin, while among Republican voters, 87 percent of Trump's performance is better Believe it.

The dates of a very important presidential debate have been set for the presidential election to be held in the US on November 3. According to the program released by the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD) The first debate between President Trump and the Democrat candidate Biden will be held on 29 September.

The event will take place in Cleveland, Ohio. The second debate will be held in Miami on 15 October and the third in tennis on 22 October. The debate between the Vice Presidential candidates will take place on October 7.

Biden leads Trump in national polls 99 days out from election