Blood Clotting Risk in Pregnant Women with Covid-19

Another serious health hazard due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been detected. Scientists say that this dangerous virus may increase the risk of blood clotting in pregnant women.

Women who use birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy may also have this problem. According to researchers at America's Tufts University School of Medicine, prior studies have revealed several problems, including blood clotting, in healthy people due to corona.

He said that it is now known that due to the female hormone estrogen, the risk of blood clotting can increase during pregnancy.

Not only this, but the risk of this problem was also found in women using birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. The study, published in the journal Endocrinology, reported that the risk of blood clotting may increase when corona is vulnerable. Researchers believe that more research is still needed to better understand the effects of coronavirus on women. "We need additional research to understand whether an infected woman should take drugs that prevent blood clotting during pregnancy," said Tufts University researcher Daniel Spret.

Priors have already shown that blood clotting problems may arise in corona victims. This may increase the risk of stroke. Many heart problems including heart attack from corona.

Blood Clots and Covid 19