China Dazed by App Ban

India is clearing its intention about economic tax against China, the Chinese government is also getting increased by its anger. After first banning 59 mobile apps from China, now India has also banned 47 mobile apps of these and in the coming days, dozens of other Chinese apps are also ready to show their way out.

On this, China reacted very sharply to it and India and China. It is said to be against interests. In a statement issued by the Embassy of China in New Delhi, these restrictive actions on behalf of India have been declared against the interests of the four companies and swept over the Partha arrow. There have also been threats that China will take other necessary steps to protect the interests of its companies.

Chinese Embassy spokesperson the reply was about, 'We have also put our point before the Indian side and asked them to improve this step. We also want to mention that the Chinese government has clearly instructed its companies to fully follow the local laws of the country in which they work.

The Government of India has to protect the rights of Chinese companies and protect the interests of international investors, including Chinese investors, following market rules. There is a lot of potential for practical cooperation between India and China, but this interference hurts it.