Government Prepares Complete Roadmap for Implementation of New Education Policy

There may not be as much delay in the implementation of the new education policy. The government has prepared a detailed roadmap regarding this, under which most of the provisions of the policy will be implemented by 2024.

It is proposed to implement the provisions this year, including changes in the name of the ministry, including the inclusion of pre-primary in school education. The deadline for implementation of the entire policy has been fixed till 2035, in which the target of raising the Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) of higher education to 50 percent has been set, which is currently 26 percent.

A time limit of 2035 has also been set to achieve the 100 percent target of teaching and training of teachers. The draft committee that framed the policy also recommended the government to implement the policy within a time limit.

Also said that if these changes want the right results, they must be implemented in the deadline. The review will be held every year: A high-level committee will also be set up to implement the entire education policy in a time-bound manner, which will monitor the implementation of the policy between the Center and the states.

The implementation of the policy will also be reviewed every year which will include officials from the Center and states along with the concerned parties. Along with this, a comprehensive review will also be done when the entire policy is implemented by 2035 under the fixed roadmap. Whether the policy is being implemented properly or not

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