Corona Infection will be Detected in Just 30 seconds

  • More than 45 thousand cases in a day

  • Israeli team coming to India for investigation with new technology

Israeli technology can show new wonders of problems facing Corona Testing in many parts of the country. If this test is successful in India, the corona infection will be detected in just 30 seconds. A large team of Israeli scientists will test this technique on millions of people in India. The new technique that will be tested in India will identify corona infection from a person's voice to breathe. However, the Israeli team is yet to be confirmed at the government level. This claim has been made by the embassy.

According to the Israeli government, its large team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Health is ready to fly to India by special aircraft. The team will examine the utility of Corona's state-of-the-art testing equipment developed in Israel. Through 10 days of testing on millions of people and analysis based on artificial intelligence.

There is also complete preparation for the detection of infection. Testing sites work on the basis of differences in voice. Similarly, there is a Patna city. However, this test has been identified and 100 corona infections have been identified. 
The technique of the isothermal test to help the team to successfully cross the team in Israel is Terahat's Wave, which is suppressed like RT-PCR, but now also in India. Through which the corona gives accurate information about the corona by examining the breath, Isthi Jai is done. Israeli testing technique is to detect the Israeli India virus. However, using it has been a test for many teams in India, the machine is easier than a normal breath analyzer.