Flipkart will Enter Online for Wholesale from August 2020 Onwards

Flipkart, a US retail giant Walmart Inc, has decided to foray into the online wholesale business. For this, the company has announced to buy a 100 percent stake in Walmart's online business in India.

Walmart India Private Limited runs a cash-and-carry wholesale business called Best Price in India. According to Flipkart, they will now run this business under Flipkart Wholesale. The business will be operational from August this year and Beginning with groceries and fashion items. The business will be commanded by Adarsh ​​Menon.

All employees of Walmart India Private Limited will now join Flipkart Group. This process related to employees will be completed next year. In a statement, Flipkart said that grocery shoppers and MSME sweaters play an important role in the country's retail ecosystem.

Flipkart Wholesale's main focus is wanting to provide better business opportunities to these shopkeepers and smaller companies.