Israel will speed up the supply of defense equipment and weapons to India

Amid military tensions arising out of Chinese encroachment in eastern Ladakh, Israel has agreed to intensify arms supply to India as well as to further accelerate the arms manufacturing partnership.

In a telephonic conversation between Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Israeli Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Benjamin Ganj on Friday to give a new impetus to the strength of Indo-Israeli defense cooperation. It is believed that the Israeli defense minister and Rajnath originated from Chinese incursion into Ladakh.

Befriended about the situation that happened. In the talks between the two defense ministers, there was no official talk about the incursion of China. However, sources said that  the serious discussion on all the points like the infiltration of Chinese troops in Ladakh and the initiative being taken to reduce tensions in India's counter-politics.

During this time, Rajnath invited the Israeli (Defense Minister) to visit India, which he immediately accepted and said that he would visit India soon. The main focus of this Rajnath-Gaja dialogue remained on the issue of defense cooperation and partnership. Border But in view of tensions, India has intensified its defense needs and procurement of arms.

Israel has to supply much important defense equipment and weapons. Both expressed satisfaction with the current progress of the strategic partnership between India and Israel and also discussed possibilities of further strengthening defense cooperation in other areas.

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