Kerala State Confirms Community Spread

  • Kerala is the first state to declare community Transmission

  • In the Barpeta district of Assam, most of the houses are submerged due to the flood.

In fact, they admit that this is community transmission, the second wave of the corona has been broken out in Kerala. Kerala has though, stuck to its a strategy, that is to test people; then track them and finally isolate them. But still, the figures of positive cases are increasing.

Kerala has reported 13,994 cases with the death of 44 people. In the interview with Rajeev Sadanandan, Advisor to Kerala CM.He stated Kerala’s strategy to fight against the pandemic of Covid – 19. He said that Kerala’s strategy is threefold.

  • Pick-up the cluster before the disease becomes widespread. 
  • Where you have picked up the infected area, test people who came in contact with the infected people, then test their contacts too. Such that infected people could be traced easily. 
  • Ensure quality treatment to the infected people, so that they could get healthy soon. Even, drones are been used to monitor the things in Kerala. This is the way Kerala is taking care of the people in their state.