Petition Filed to Stop Online Classes

Schools have been closed since March due to coronavirus infection. There is no information about when it will open. Hence schools are getting their studies done through online classes. These classes are becoming a big threat to the health of children, but the government and children's relatives are not paying any attention to it yet.

A petition has been filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court on this subject demanding the state government to issue guidelines regarding these classes and immediately stop the online class of children from classes one to five.

In the petition, it has been said that schools are playing with the health of students in the name of online classes. There is no set time for school online classes. In the petition, it has been cited by the doctors report that according to some studies if children or adolescents stay on screen for more than six or seven hours, they can have psychological effects.

This can cause problems like lack of self-control, lack of curiosity, lack of emotional stability, inability to concentrate, not being able to make friends easily. Children apart Keep the eyes on the screen and forget to blink the eyelids. Because of this, there may be problems like watery eyes, blinking eyelid patterns, and mashing them. There is a risk of eye damage. The petition stated that the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) had issued guidelines regarding online classes being taken by the schools.

According to this, the duration and number of online classes have been fixed daily for the students of first-class to 12th standard. Any of these rules not happening.

The Education Department has not yet released any guidelines in this matter, nor have schools and families concerned with children's health issued any suggestions about. This PIL has been filed in the High Court. The court may soon hear this petition.

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