Preparation to Reduce Dependence on China in Small Items

Preparations are being made to produce small items imported from China in India itself. The help of the MSME Ministry will be taken in this work. Entrepreneurs also believe that such an initiative will reduce imports from China.

 According to ministry estimates, India imports more than 8,000 items from China. According to sources, many items are coming from China that can be easily manufactured in India, but there was no meaningful effort from the entrepreneurs.

According to ministry sources, in-small items coming from China are being marked. There are hundreds of small items under the scheme to help entrepreneurs in the production of goods in India right now The machine is being considered for starting. According to China in the purchase and finishing of experts whose wholesale price is less than one rupee, the finished product is manufactured.

With the help of MSME Ministry to bring equivalent in automation to eliminate dependence from China for such products. In order to help the entrepreneurs on behalf of the government, the entire supply can be made in large numbers in India itself. According to sources, the chain will have to be installed. Supply chain jobs will also arise.