Good News :The First Phase of the Corona Vaccine is Succeed

The first phase of the trial of the Corona vaccine was successful. PGI physicians have now dosed six people in Part Two of the first phase after the approval of the Safety Control Board, while 25 more are set to be given.

At the same time, preparations have also been started to give the second dose to the people giving the vaccine in the first part next week. The Corona vaccine trial began on 17 July at Rohtak PGI. For the trial, Dr. Savita Verma (Professor)in the Department of Pharmacology was appointed Principal Investigator. Dr. Ramesh Verma (Professor) in the Department of Community Medicine, and Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary (Professor) in the Department of Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, were appointed as Assistant Investigators.

During the first health trial of all volunteers, on the instructions of DCGI (Drug Controller General of India), in the first phase, 20 patients were given vaccine doses in Rohtak PGI, relative to 50 people across the country.

After giving the vaccine, all volunteers are in good health. Its report was sent by doctors to the Safety Control Board and DCGI.