Four Hundred Twenty Nine Crore loan on Haryana Marketing Board

The Haryana Agricultural Marketing Board, set up on 1 August 1969, for the prosperity of farmers and the purchase, sale, and storage of crops in the state has now sunk into billions. RTI activist Vijay Bansal has revealed the status of the marketing board's debtor on the basis of information. There is also a possibility of a breakup on the marketing board's income, expenses, and liabilities.

Based on the information received from RTI, Vijay Bansal has also sent a letter to CM Manohar Lal demanding a CBI inquiry. The marketing board, considered to be the richest due to the flop project and personal selfishness of officials involved in corruption, is now immersed in a loan of Rs 429 crore 89 lakh 57 thousand 668.

The marketing board has said in the diary that seven billion 63 crores have been earned from various market committees in the year 2018-19, whereas according to the RTI's balance sheet, only two billion 35 crores 50 lakh 65 thousand 657 from different market committees. This year the marketing board is in a loss of 24 crores 95 lakh 7 thousand 365 rupees. About 300 crore liabilities of contractors are pending separately for various works by the Marketing board.

There are 113 Market Committees, 168 Sub Yards, and 196 Purchase Centers under the Board in which lakhs of people, including jobbers, farmers, traders and labor depend on their employment.