After China in northern Ladakh, India also increased troops

In response to the deployment of more than 17,000 soldiers and armored vehicles from China in the flat area located in front of Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) and Panchang in Ladakh, India has also put 15,000 troops and tanks on the regiment front here.

According to defense sources, we have made heavy deployment of troops including the T-90 tank regiment in the flat area of ​​DBO and Depsang to respond to any action of the Chinese Army (PLA). India has increased the deployment of troops from Karakoram Ray (Petroling Point-3) to Petroling Point 1 near the plains of Depsang. Chinese soldier Patrolling point-10 to BP 13 are disrupting patrolling of Indian troops.

Talks on the removal of Chinese troops from the Pangong Lake area During the fifth round of Indo-China Corps Commander level discussions, the removal of Chinese troops from near Pangong Lake was discussed.

The conversation, which took place on LAC in Moldo, China, lasted for about 10 hours and ended at around 9.30 pm.