California forest fire, thousands have to leave home

Thousands of people are forced to leave their homes due to the huge fire in the forests of California province of America. The fire took place in the jungles on the mountains adjacent to the eastern Los Angeles city of the province.

To overcome this, more than 1,300 fire personnel have been deployed. Helicopters have also been deployed to help them. There is also a downpour of water from planes. This is the first fire incident in California forests this year. The fire that has erupted in the forests on Friday has been steadily increasing of the province.

The forest department said in a statement that the fire has spread over an area of ​​about 80 square kilometers. The trees and plants of this region have become dead. Many houses have also been destroyed.

By Monday morning, the fire spread over five percent of the area was extinguished. According to officials, around eight thousand residents living in the fire-affected areas have been asked to leave the house.

High temperatures and low humidity lead to rapid-fire is spreading. The first fire on Friday was in the Cherry Valley area, 137 kilometers from Los Angeles. The fire has spread to other areas.