Challenge of Education Reform by Modi Government

There is hardly any disagreement with the Prime Minister's statement that the old structure which our educational structure had been running for years could not promote new thinking and energy. Along with this, the new education policy had become necessary due to many other reasons and especially the rapid changes taking place in the world.

Since the new education policy took more than three decades to come, the need has increased further that it should be implemented on a priority basis. It is good that the Prime Minister realizes that there may be a question in the mind of the people that after all such a big reform has been done on paper, but how will it be put on the ground?

It is undoubtedly a challenge and success will be overcome only when the state governments move away from party politics and adopt a positive attitude towards the new education policy. This is an auspicious sign that most of the state governments are considering the new education policy as useful, but only this will not be the case. They have to discourage those elements who have opened a front against the new education policy due to narrow political reasons. Some of them stole statements against him without studying education policy. The new education policy needs to be protected from blind opposition and political parochialism.

All the state governments will have to show proactively that the new education policy should be implemented in time with its original spirit. It is also needed because it is already too late to fix the educational structure.

The challenge is not only to implement the new education policy, but also to improve the curriculum. It is better to ensure that there is no delay in the improvement of curriculum as was done in the formulation of new education policy. The central government and especially the Ministry of Education also needs to keep in mind that representatives of educational institutions, academics and teachers along with the state governments will also have an important role in implementing the new education policy.

The Prime Minister, while mentioning this in his address, underlined that he was committed to show political will in this matter, but he should also realize that such a commitment should also be introduced by the bureaucracy on which the new education policy The responsibility has to come.