Chinese troops violated the LOC

East China's aggressive stand on the Line of Actual Control (LoC) in Ladakh is still intact. The Defense Ministry has admitted that after May 5, Chinese troops violated the LoC in several areas of eastern Ladakh, including the Galvan Valley.

Apart from this, he has mobilized a large number of soldiers. It also says that Chinese aggression on LIC has not declined and the military deadlock is likely to be prolonged.

However, as the facts on the Chinese incursion were officially stirred, the Defense Ministry quietly removed this excerpt from the website. On July 4, the Ministry of Defense uploaded a document on its website, sharing information about the latest developments.

In it 'Chinese encroachment on LoC' Information on Chinese incursions into eastern Ladakh was shared with the title. It acknowledged that China has been increasing aggression continuously since May. Especially in Galvan Valley His aggression has been higher since May 5. According to the Ministry of Defense, Chinese troops entered the northern shores of Kung Nala, Gogra, and Pangong Lake on May 17-18.

The document states that diplomacy and military negotiations are underway to find a way of agreeable consent for both sides to reduce tensions. Still, deadlock is expected to lengthen. The fifth round of core commander-level talks remained inconclusive due to China's obstinacy.