Congress's metamorphosis is difficult

It has been a year since Sonia Gandhi became the interim president of the Congress, but little is known about whether the party is ready to elect a full-time president? Some Congress leaders are demanding that Rahul Gandhi be re-elected president, but the idea does not seem to get strong support. The Congress may not be able to decide who will be its next president, but all its leaders are hoping that after two consecutive defeats of 2014 and 2019, we will come to power in 2024 - just like 2004 I had come.

The question is, is it possible? In 2004, the Congress came to power because the NDA had rejoiced in Feelgood and distanced some of its old allies from itself. In a way, the Congress itself had no significant role in the 2004 victory. In 2014, voters did not forgive him for the negative work. Between 2014 and 2019, Congress did nothing that made people feel that Congress had abandoned its policy of appeasing the minorities and ignoring corruption. As a result, once again in 2019, the people gave the NDA the power of the Center.

Now, when Congress's straw is being shattered, the leaders of this oldest party are blaming each other. A part of the Congress is blaming some ministers of the UPA government for the defeat of the Congress in two consecutive Lok Sabha elections, while on the other hand, some former ministers are saying that we could not reach the failures of the Modi government due to the weakness of the organization. It has been the traditional excuse of Congress that Congress workers could not effectively refute and counter the opposition's allegations and rumors. The one who does not have the freedom to see the shortcomings of the top leadership will find the reason elsewhere. No Congress is discussing those things which are the main reasons for the party's weakening.

The top leaders who have created a popular slogan and caught the attention of the public have now lacked in Congress. There was no such shortage in the era of Indira Gandhi. Remember, when Congress was partitioned in 1969, most of the old leaders and workers remained in the Congress organization ie the original Congress. The leadership of Indira Gandhi's Congress was mostly new, yet the Indira Congress won the 1971 Lok Sabha election with a large majority. Indira's slogan was, remove poverty. Although it was a bluffing slogan, it was going to affect the common people to a great extent.

One of the major drawbacks of today's Congress led by Sonia Rahul is that her leadership neither takes immediate decisions nor insists on creating an inclusive organization. The deadlock in Rajasthan is therefore long. The Congress leadership has handed over the states to various satraps and their children. As a result, the leaders of the new generation are leaving Congress one by one after being disappointed. Jyotiraditya Scindia did not see his future before Kamal Nath-Nakulnath, then went out. The same is happening in Assam and some other states. The same story is being repeated in Rajasthan.

How can the political future be called bright?

It is not possible to strengthen this oldest party of the country without removing the main reasons for which Congress lost two consecutive Lok Sabha elections. Sonia Gandhi formed a party committee under the leadership of AK Antony to investigate the causes of 2014. His report had also come, but there was no discussion on it within Congress.

As a result, the Congress was also defeated in the 2019 elections. The main point of the Antony Committee was that the slogan of secularism versus communalism that the Congress gave in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, led to a perception that the Congress was leaning towards the minorities. According to Antony, it was a loss. All the points of this report could not be known, but it was estimated that Antony also said that Congress could not effectively counter the allegations of corruption leveled against the government.

The question is how Congress would have been able to retaliate because they did not have the facts to refute the allegations. After two electoral defeats at the national level, Congress has still not changed or improved its previous stance on issues of communalism and corruption. Such statements are coming from the Congress leaders about Pakistan and China, which makes the countries happy only. The merge is in the head of the Congress party, but sometimes it is trying to cure the feet. The place of the soul is emphasizing on the body. Congress only wants to remove the party from the whirlpool of problems through an organizational reshuffle. It does not seem possible. After coming out of the Corona crisis, Narendra Modi will have many things of historical importance to do before the government.

The works started under CAA have to be completed. The Central Government had said in the Supreme Court that it is necessary to prepare a National Population Register i.e. NRC for any universal country. If the Modi government once again takes any step regarding this, what will the Congress do? Until Congress changes its stand on such issues, how will it be able to start gaining the trust of the common people again? There is no hope for a better future for the Congress.