Corona among health workers High risk of infection

The entire world is currently battling the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but health workers facing the front line are facing the highest risk of infection. New research has found a three times higher risk of infection among health workers despite adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Whereas, without PPE, this danger has been found even more among those taking the front from Corona. According to a study published in the journal Best Public Health, health workers with black, Asian, and non-minority backgrounds may be more likely to have a mother's corona test positive. King's College London and Harvard researchers use COVID-19 system tracker app and have data of 20 million 35 thousand common people and about one lakh health workers in the US and UK It is concluded based on the analysis.

They found 2,747 cases of corona infection per one lakh health workers working on the front lines in the study. While 242 cases per one lakh common people were found. Professor Sebastian Houraselin of King's College London said, 'Our study shows the tremendous impact of corona infection on healthcare workers and hospitals.

It is clear from the data that despite the availability of PPE kits, there is a very high risk of corona infection. Researchers say that their study not only shows the importance of adequate availability of PPE but also shows the need to devise additional strategies for the protection of health workers.