Demonstration on Ram temple

After a long wait of five centuries, the Bhoomi Poojan ceremony of the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya was completed. Despite the COVID epidemic, the ceremony attracted world attention. Naturally, a large section expressed their reverence for Rama by welcoming the ceremony. At the same time, those who called themselves Left, Secular and Liberal described this day as a blow to the democratic values ​​of India.

Cut off from the cultural-religious values ​​of the country, these people also tried to prove that history will remember August 5 as a day when the imposition of majoritarianism was done. It is difficult to change the thinking of such intransigent people because their thinking is very narrow. At the core of this thinking is their education. This class is so experienced with Western culture that it is not familiar with its culture and its beliefs want to be that is why he does not understand the importance of Ram temple. Ram temple is not just another temple. Its importance surpasses that of a shrine, as it is being built at the birthplace of Rama. Its importance is the same as that of Krishna Janmabhoomi temple in Mathura.

The obstinate class does not even seem ready to understand that the soul of a country is built in its own culture and Rama is deeply rooted in the culture of this country. It is not hidden from anyone that freedom after the left dominated the education system and they deliberately presented history in a one-sided manner. Along with the wrong history, tribal secularism also corrupted the thinking of such people who remained synonymous with appeasement. There is no place for Hindu values ​​and beliefs in this secularism. Those who understand this secularism rightly are in the mood that India is secular because the word secular is mentioned in the constitution. Keep in mind that the word Secular was added to the Constitution during the Emergency. The framers of the constitution did not understand its necessity because they knew that India had been a nurturer of secularism for centuries and that all religions were in its nature. In the name of secularism, the work of intimidating the minorities, especially the Muslim society, has either been done or it has been to accept their unreasonable demands.

The Shahbano case is a perfect example of this. Due to the distorted politics of secularism, there was a lot of delay in resolving the Ayodhya dispute. Perceived secular The Liberal lobby tried its best not to settle the Ayodhya dispute. After independence from the rule, the Ayodhya dispute should have been resolved in the same way as Somnath was done, but it could not happen and it was due to Nehru's leftist thinking.

Nehru was also against the renovation of the Somnath temple, but he did not stand before Home Minister Sardar Patel and President Rajendra Prasad. Congress continued to pursue Nehru's thinking and continued to appease the Muslims. That is why she remained silent or opposed to the Uniform Civil Code. People who are taking a meek look at the Bhoomi Poojan ceremony of Ram temple construction are not ready to listen and understand what the Prime Minister said on this occasion? He described the process of temple construction as an undertaking to connect the nation and underlined that this temple is an initiative to connect the present to the past and to the sacrament itself.

Prime Minister by saying that Rama had made social harmony the cornerstone of his rule, he made it clear that a harmonious India should be built. Ram temple should strengthen the spirit of unity and fraternity in the country, this was also emphasized by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. He not only described the construction of Ram temple as the beginning of the construction of India but also the linking of all. This is important because India was weakened due to the weakness of Hindu society and foreign invaders were successful in destroying and corrupting the country.
The BJP never changed its views on Ram temple and Ayodhya, but it is clear from the statements of Congress leaders that they had to change their thinking in view of the atmosphere of the country. It is doubtful that the country will forget so easily that how Congress obstructed the construction of Ram temple? Perhaps the Congress is realizing its mistakes and that is why Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi and other Congress leaders remembered Ram. But the fact is that many Congressmen are engaged in making statements against the Ram temple.

The thinking of these Congress leaders is similar to that of those writing anti-Ram temple articles in foreign media. Many articles were written in it, which aim to provoke the sentiments of Muslim society and degrade Modi-led India. Ironically, many educated Indians have been influenced by these articles. Some are saying that it would have been better to have a hospital or university in Ayodhya. After all, why the insistence to build a hospital or school at Ram's birthplace? Is there a lack of space for them at other sites.

The question is also whether the Ayodhya dispute had put a check on whether hospitals or schools should be built elsewhere in the country. Since a section against the Ram temple is engaged in poisoning and the international media is doing the same thing, the government has to ensure through diplomacy that this class neither spoils the atmosphere nor tarnishes the international image of the country.

Undoubtedly, the responsibility of constructing the Ram temple rests with the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, but it is the responsibility of the government to cut off the propaganda against this temple. Every Indian also has to understand that those who disrespect their culture cannot find it anywhere else. It is the responsibility of all that Hindu culture and society should be free from its flaws and evils. This will happen only when the construction of the Ram temple will be strengthened with the process of character building.