Firing outside the White House, Trump moved to a safe location

The firing occurred Monday evening outside the White House (presidential residence) in the US. At the time of this firing, President Donald Trump was informing the media about the Corona epidemic. From the middle press conference, agents of the Secret Service took him to the Oval House (President's Office).

A short time later, Trump returned to the briefing room and confirmed the firing near the White House. He assured the reporters that everything was under control. According to the information, in the action taken by the Secret Service, the person firing was shot. He is admitted to the hospital. President Trump said, "There was firing outside the White House, but now the situation is under control." I would like to thank the staff of the Secret Service for the quick and effective action taken by them. Someone was taken to the hospital.

I do not know how his condition is, but it seems that the man has been shot by the secret service. The Secret Service later tweeted about the attacker and Secret Service soldier after a shooting incident in a block of the White House at 17 Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.