India laid out red carpet for Japanese companies originating from China

The government has laid a red carpet to bring Japanese companies originating from China to India. Along with this, Japanese companies want many reforms before investing in India and the government is ready to work in this direction too.

Japanese companies mainly seek reforms in the fields of logistics, tax procedures, labor laws, and infrastructure. On Thursday, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal assured Japan and the companies there, that all these deficiencies will be removed within a month. He asked senior officials of Railways, Roads, and Shipping, CBIC to simplify the rules in these cases in line with Japanese companies.

On Thursday, a virtual event was organized to attract Japanese companies for investment which was attended by secretaries of various ministries, including Goel, and Japanese ministers and officials. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has also assured the Japanese companies that the government will appoint an officer along with one company to overcome any kind of problem during the investment.

Now, 50 Japanese companies will go-ahead to invest in India. Has come. 25 of these home Has started investing. On this occasion, the Government of India was told by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) that the Japanese companies would like to export from the Indian market as well as from India, but the problem of logistics comes in this work. It was told by JETRO that only 5,102 business establishments of Japanese companies are working in India whereas in China.

Japanese companies have more than 33,000 business establishments. Japan has 12,955 business establishments operating in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. Jetro said that this number could increase if the export facility from India is easy. Japanese companies currently operating in India can reduce exports due to a variety of constraints.