Investors trend the increasing in mutual funds

Investors' tendency towards mutual funds has increased during the Corona period in hopes of higher returns. According to data from the Association of Mutual Funds, the number of investment accounts increased by 17.96 lakhs in the April-June quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter (January-March 2020).

According to the association's data, the number of investment accounts increased to 91542092 at the end of June as compared to 89746051 at the end of March. Experts said that due to corona infection globally, the market started to fall from March. New investors saw this decline as an opportunity and invested in equity and equity-linked savings schemes.

Experts said that the number of investment accounts of equity and equity-linked savings schemes in April-June this year increased by 10 lakhs and the number increased from 6.27 crores to 6.37 crores. Ashutosh Bishnoi, CEO of Mahindra Mutual Fund, said that mutual fund returns are expected to sell up to 20 percent in the next one year as the market is still below 25 percent above the maximum level.

As soon as the economic activity reaches 90 percent of the pre-corona period, the market may accelerate. However, he cautioned investors to include companies in the investment portfolio whose business is growing even during this challenging time.