LIC Created group pension Business record

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Limited, the largest insurance company of the country, has done tremendous financial performance in the last financial year.

During this period the group pension business of the company set a record of turnover of more than one lakh crore rupees and 12669621 Crore. LIC's new business grew 25.17 percent during the financial year ended March 31. With this, the first year premium of the company reached Rs. 17797707 crore. The total premium income of the company in the period under review was Rs. Grew by 12.42 percent to Rs 37906256 crore over the same period.

During this period the insurance company paid claims of Rs 25422227 crore and gross income of Rs 61588294 crore. The total assets of the company reached Rs 319621481 crore during this period.