Microsoft engaged in finalizing the deal with Tiktok

Microsoft has become quite active following President Donald Trump's warning that Chinese app Tik Tok would be shown a way out of the US if it is not sold until September 15. For this, he is going to start discussions soon with Bite Dance, the parent company of Tik Tok.

Earlier in this connection, Trump had spoken to Indian-American CEO Satya Nadella of IT sector-major Microsoft. Following this talk, Microsoft issued a statement saying that it would continue to negotiate to buy Tik Tok for US business. Soon it will yield positive results.

Trump wants the entire company to be bought, not just a 30 percent stake, as it is being told right now. In the press conference held at the White House on Monday. In response to questions regarding the sale of Tik Tok, President Donald Trump said that the US fund should get a substantial share from the sale of Tik Tok He said, 'We are going to make this possible.

It is a case of landlord and tenant, where the tenant has no right without a lease. We are moving in the right direction. This will be a great success. Earlier, Trump had said that Tik Tok would have to complete its deal with Microsoft or any other company by 15 September. If this does not happen, this Chinese app will be banned.