Now blood test can reveal the severity of corona

Researchers say that the blood test can estimate the severity of infection in the coronavirus (COVID-19) victims. They have detected five biomarkers in the blood, which are directly related to the worsening of corona patients and the risk of death.

These biomarkers are present in the patient's blood. According to the study published in the journal Future Medicine, the results of the study may help physicians to accurately estimate the future status of COVID-19 patients.

John Rees, assistant professor and co-researcher at George Washington University in the United States, said that when we look at COVID-19 patients when we start treatment, we do not know why the condition of a patient is getting better and why the condition of another is getting worse? He said that some early research in China had revealed that some biomarkers had to do with the poor condition of COVID-19 patients.

In the US, this research was done to find out the reason for the condition of patients. Researchers did this study on 299 patients suffering from the corona. All these patients were admitted to the George Washington Hospital from March 12 to May 9.