Now higher educational institutions will be around every district

There will probably be no need to leave home for higher education. The new education policy has taken a big initiative to bridge this gap between higher education. Under this, it is proposed to develop or set up such a large multi-disciplinary institution in each district or vicinity by 2030, in which all subjects can be studied.

These institutions can be both public and private sectors. The new education policy is of the view that it would be difficult to achieve the target of Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) of higher education without bridging this distance between higher education and small towns. Currently in policy till 2035.

A target has been set to increase the gross enrollment rate of higher education to 50 percent. At present, this gross enrollment rate of higher education is around 26 percent.

It is believed that a large number of students do not make the move towards higher education, because they are far away from there. This distance has been proposed to be reduced in the policy.