Preparation for trial of cancer drug in the treatment of corona

Australian researchers are about to start a clinical trial of cancer medicine to treat corona. He hopes that through this drug he will be able to stop the virus before it gets to the nose and throat. This drug, called Bromac, is a type of nasal spray and is believed to prevent the virus from spreading to other parts of the body including the lungs.

Bromac can break down the spike protein on the surface of the corona itself, according to Professor David Morris, who designed the drug. Also, this spike prevents proteins from joining cells. Spike proteins attach themselves to an enzyme called the ACE-2 receptor before entry into human cells and increase their number several-fold.

Now if not only the spike protein, then the infection will not spread. Professor Morris reported that Bromac's human trial would begin in two to three weeks in the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is the capital of the province of Victoria most affected by the infection.

This medicine will be used on corona patients and it is expected that the virus will be eliminated from the body in a few days. Morris said that the use of this drug can prevent the virus from spreading to others, as the virus is not able to infect anyone else if it is removed from the spike protein. Morris also wants to test this drug on health workers working on the frontline.