Question of investigation of Sushant case

As soon as the news of the suicide of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput came, it was said that some established actors in Bollywood deliberately created situations that forced them to commit suicide. The Mumbai Police launched an investigation under Section 174 of the CrPC. He began to interrogate some film directors and producers.

About 45 days after Sushant's death, his father Krishna Kumar Singh filed a complaint with the police station in Patna. He made serious allegations against Sushant's girlfriend Riya Chakraborty. After this, Bihar Police came to Mumbai for investigation. The Mumbai Police said that Bihar Police did not have the right to investigate. The Bihar Police alleged that the Mumbai Police was not cooperating in the investigation. It is not giving him a copy of the required papers. For this reason, the Bihar Director General of Police sent one of his IPS officers Vinay Tiwari to Mumbai, but the Mumbai Metropolitan Municipality sent him to the quarantine citing the rules laid down to gain control of the corona.

The media started raising the question that there is something black in this case and the Mumbai Police is hiding something. Some even started saying that Sushant cannot commit suicide, he must have been murdered. Meanwhile, Riya Chakraborty filed a petition in the Supreme Court, saying that the Bihar Police did not have the right to investigate in Sushant Suicide Case. Only the Maharashtra Police can investigate this. After this, the Director-General of Bihar Police started saying that Riya Chakraborty is speaking the language of Mumbai Police. After this allegation, statements of leaders of Bihar and Maharashtra also started coming out. The political upsurge was continuing that the Bihar government recommended the Central Government to hand over the investigation of Sushant's suicide to the CBI.
The Center also accepted it and submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court that we are handing this investigation over to the CBI. The Supreme Court now has to decide through whom the investigation should be conducted. If seen, some people under the guise of this case, the enmity between Bihar Police and Maharashtra Police managed to stand up. This is very deadly not only from the states but also from the perspective of the country.
The law says that the court of the place where the crime takes place has the right to prosecute that crime by law. Sushant committed suicide in Mumbai. The court of Mumbai has the right to decide whether he was instigated for suicide or killed. To date, the tradition has also been that where the crime has taken place, the police investigates it. If the police from elsewhere relocate a case, they send him to the same place where the crime took place, but Sushant's father did not trust the Mumbai Police and filed a complaint with the Bihar Police.
The Maharashtra Police did not come anywhere and put their side on record. This has shocked the image of Mumbai Police. Tomorrow there may be a crime in Maharashtra and if the culprit escapes to Bihar Bihar Police should not cooperate with Maharashtra Police. It will not be good. These days it is also being discussed that there is no secret behind Sushant's finance manager Disha Salian's suicide. It is being said that Sushant Singh was about to reveal why Disha died and hence was killed. Some people found it without any proof. Sushant or Disha's suicide is indeed a suicide or someone instigated them for this, it can only be clear from the investigation that when the investigation is late, the evidence is destroyed.
What was Sushant's reaction after Disha's suicide, did there be any difference in his behavior or behavior? The police should have investigated all this. No investigation has been done as to why Sushant was under depression, why he was under mental stress, but due to this incident, some people have taken their own interests in attempts to defame the character. Initially, Riya Chakraborty had written a letter to the Union Home Minister requesting that the investigation of the case be handed over to the CBI. The CBI is not empowered to investigate, this stand can be taken by the Maharashtra government.

The reason is that the CBI has been established under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act. According to its section, before taking up the investigation of any case, the CBI has to get the consent of the state, but if the Bihar government does not have the right to investigate Sushant's suicide, then his recommendation is valid? If not, can the central government hand over this investigation to the CBI without the permission of the Maharashtra government? Many such questions may come before the law.
An independent petition should be filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra regarding these questions, but if this happens, the question will also arise that after all, who is the Mumbai Police running so hard to save? It is that the Government of Maharashtra has got itself confused this time. He should come out of this mess.