Russia succeeds in making Corona's first vaccine

The world was waiting for, the time has arrived. Russia has developed the corona vaccine. President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that they developed the corona vaccine 'Sputnik V' has been registered in the country and a vaccine has also been applied to his daughter.

With this, Russia became the first country to register the Corona vaccine. However, for the common people, this vaccine will be available next year from January. Putin said in a government meeting on Tuesday that the vaccine has stood the test and has been successful in strengthening human immunity against the coronavirus. The Russian president said that one of his two daughters had been given the vaccine. Her daughter had a mild fever after the first dose.

After the second dose, there was also a mild fever and after that everything went well and the antibodies increased. A fever following the vaccine means the vaccine is working. The vaccine has been developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Gamalaya Research Institute.