Smoking can increase the risk of diseases by 30 percent

People who smoke a lot become aware. A new study warns that smoking more cigarettes can increase the risk of many diseases including respiratory disorders, cancer, and heart disease by 30 percent. According to researchers at the University of South Australia. Excessive smoking has been linked to an increased risk of 28 health problems.

Through this study, excessive smoking was found to be 17 times the risk of lung disease emphysema and seven times greater risk of blocked arteries. While the risk of lung cancer was found to be six and a half times higher. He told that 20 or more cigarettes consumed in a day are classified as too much smoking. According to research published in the journal Ecumenical Medicine, the findings of more than one lakh 52 thousand people who smoke.

Based on the study done on the data has been extracted. Researchers say that with every cigarette every day, the risk of respiratory disease, many cancers, and heart disease increases. Professor Elena Hypponen of the University of South Australia said smoking is the leading cause of death worldwide. Smokers usually die ten years earlier than normal people. This can be stopped. It is estimated that about 20 percent of the global population smokes.