Sonia Gandhi will still remain Congress president

Sonia Gandhi will continue to hold the command of the party even after the completion of the term of the interim president, with no decision on the top leadership of the Congress yet. A year will be completed on Monday, with him as its interim president.

The party said that the Congress Working Committee, according to the party constitution, will complete the necessary process for the extension of tenure of Congress working Committee Sonia Gandhi as president. However, there is also a voice within the party that soon the fulltime president the decision should be made.

There has been a demand inside the party for a long time that the president should be elected. There has also been a message from many party leaders, including Shashi Tharoor, that if Rahul Gandhi does not want to take responsibility for the post of president again, another election should be held. On Sunday, Tharoor gave a similar indication. He further said- 'I had welcomed Soniaji as interim president, but it would be wrong to expect that she will carry the burden of responsibility for all eternity.

Although party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said that while Sonia Gandhi, as interim president, will finish her one-year term on Monday, that does not mean there will be a vacuum in the party. There is no such provision in the constitution of the party nor does it happen in politics. Singhvi said that Sonia Gandhi is the president of the Congress and will continue in the post till the party elects the president according to its constitution.

It is to be known that Rahul resigned from the post of President in June 2019 after a bitter defeat of the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections and on August 10, the Working Committee elected Sonia as the Interim President. However, six months after this, there has been speculation about Rahul Gandhi's return and that is why there is confusion about the leadership of Congress.