The degree is not recognized if final year exams are not done

The Delhi Grants Commission (UGC) termed the Delhi and Maharashtra government's decision to cancel the final year examinations of state universities in the Supreme Court as a violation of the rules. It is also said that if the final year examinations of the students are not conducted, then their degrees will not be recognized.

The Supreme Court has postponed the hearing until 14 August. The UGC told the Supreme Court that most universities in the country are ready to conduct final year exams. Also, a large number of universities have conducted final year examinations. If a state does not conduct examinations. This will affect educational quality.

The UGC said that in view of the corona infection, universities have been given time till September 30 to conduct final year examinations. Solicitor Tushar Mehta, before a bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan, said that states cannot change the UGC rules.