Tips to make kids smarter

Even though the unlock phase is going on, it is very important to talk about the danger of the coronavirus. Especially the reason for young children, they do not understand so much about the danger themselves. It is the responsibility of parents and other guardians. Keep the children safe from the risk of coronavirus.

Some Useful Tips-

  • [TIP-1] Small children keep jumping so much inside the house that their body is well exercised. They do not need to do extra exercise. However, to keep them fit, you can have yoga for some time with you.
  • [TIP-2]  If you expect children to behave well then you should treat them like that. Child psychologists say that whenever you ask children about any work, do not just give orders to them, but use a word like, please. If you will ask them to do some work in order, then later they will use the same words. 
  • [TIP-3]  If you talk to the children by talking to them, not only the children, but you will also feel stressed. So instead of shouting while talking to children, speak in the slow and restrained language. 
  • [TIP-4] Expecting the children to be calm inside the house at all times is the same as not allowing the clamor in the forest. So, explain to the children that when you or any other member of the household calls someone while talking to him, he should be calm during that time.
  • [TIP-5] Whenever children do a good job, do not forget to praise them. Even if the children forget to express this, but it is your responsibility to appreciate the good work done by the children. This will motivate children to do good work in the future as well as they will be happy to do so. It is often the case that even if the children have done some good work, we remain silent thinking that it is their moral responsibility to do so. If you praise children If they do, then a desire arises in their mind to do more good work. 
  •  [TIP-6] Children make their time table every day, if the child is not able to do this then you can help them. Even though the children are at home, they must have a daily time table. It should have time for them to read, play, and watch TV and remain empty. While remaining empty, children can do any work of their mind, such as playing games or resting, etc. 
  • [TIP-7]  The best habits you can take to be safe from the coronavirus, children will also follow the same habits. Therefore, be a role model for children. Every day after taking care of cleanliness by the children, make them one or two stars before going to bed at night and tell the children that at the end of the week, whoever has more stars will get to eat a healthy dish of their choice. 
  • [TIP-8] Children should be motivated to implement handwashing and other cleanliness measures. Some measures will have to be taken for this. To take care of cleanliness, also give children a few points daily and tell them that each point will get some money. The more points for which, the more money will be collected in its piggy bank. This will generate more craving for cleanliness in children. 
  • [TIP-9]  Tell children interestingly about the physical distance to follow and the importance of using masks when exiting the home. Also explain to them that if someone does not use a mask, he is not only playing with the health of others, but also his health. 
  • [TIP-10] Explain to the children that the rules set by the government and local administration are only for the benefit of the public. Every citizen must follow them. If we follow the rules laid down by the government and the administration, then we play the role of an alert citizen.