Congress pays the price of Rahul's senselessness

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again raised the question of the infiltration by China into the Galban Valley in the Bihar elections and the sacrifice of Indian soldiers. In fact, he has been doing this for a long time. He asked at an election meeting in Bihar, what was Prime Minister Modi doing when our soldiers were losing their lives? The Prime Minister lied that China has not entered our region. What kind of question is that? What kind of accusation is this? The army does what it has to do under suddenly reduced circumstances.

Our army did what was possible in the Gawlan valley. It is well known that our brave soldiers while giving a befitting reply to the Chinese army, had killed many of its soldiers. The question is, in such a situation, Rahul himself would have sung a story? Recently, in a meeting in Haryana, he said that if he had been there, he would have killed the Chinese soldiers from Gal Ban valley in 15 minutes. How ridiculous it is that they do not know what China did when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister in 1962? Then the country's 3,250 soldiers were martyred and China had annexed thousands of square kilometers of land in Aksai Chin. How embarrassing was that?

Then in 1971 when 90 thousand soldiers of Pakistan surrendered unconditionally to the Indian Army in the Bangladesh War, then Rahul Gandhi's grandmother Indira Gandhi had a golden opportunity to take back slave Kashmir in return, but it is a mystery that she Why remained silent Now if Rahul Gandhi considers himself more worthy than Nehru and Indira, then it is a different thing. All the political parties and leaders should think that these are issues related to national security, which are related to party politics. Nothing to do.

There has been a general consensus in the country on these issues. Rahul Gandhi should be seen standing with the government on these issues, irrespective of their differences with Prime Minister Modi. They should not drag these issues into electoral politics. Rahul had made the Rafale deal and surgical strike an issue in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, for which the public punished his party by giving Modi and BJP more than three hundred seats. It is also clear that the language of Rahul Gandhi is also becoming increasingly unrestrained and he is often a thief, coward, liar, etc. for the Prime Minister.

He hesitates to use his face, which tarnishes both his own and the party's image. Democracy should not be misused so that the enemy countries get their benefits and the party or the leaders can be seen standing with China or Pakistan. Recognizing the Lakshman Rekha of opposition to elections is an indispensable condition of qualified leadership and national party. Congress had a famine of serious political, economic and social issues, which it needs to bring China and Pakistan between, and that too to embarrass the government? A government has many weaknesses and there are many possibilities for improvement in its policies. Congress has lost its ability to identify those weaknesses, take them seriously, and seek answers from the government on them? Did Rahul Gandhi get the account of the Bihar government, his 15 years of work in Bihar elections, and alternate on every problem? Congress shouldn't try to present the model.

The election of Bihar and the attack on the Modi government at the center is a serious strategic mistake. This indicates that Rahul Gandhi has no understanding of the nature of political competition in a democratic federal system. Congress is suffering the consequences of Rahul Gandhi's senselessness. His able and young leaders continue to grumble inside and because of that Jyotiraditya Scindia revolts and Sachin Pilot sometimes.

While the Congress government of Madhya Pradesh fell due to Jyotiraditya Scindia's rebellion, the government of Rajasthan survived. There are good reasons to believe that Rahul Gandhi's childish statements prove the selfishness of many people in the party, who are sitting on the party system with horoscopes and taking undue advantage when the party is in power. Such leaders also to the governments, military and espionage institutions of the enemy country. And political parties are very much liked because they easily become their pawns. That is why many tweets of Pakistani leader Rahul Gandhi often retweet.

This raises doubts about the people of the country, Rahul and the Congress. Does he think that China and Pakistan are running guns with the shoulders of Rahul and Congress? Such a notion of public opinion proves very harmful to the party. At present, there are many crises in front of Congress about leadership, ideology, organization, the disintegration of states and their national identity. It is also clear that Congress is not going to make any notable electoral performance at the national and provincial levels for the next decade. In such a situation, it is a better time for Congress when it should try to overcome its weaknesses instead of unnecessarily attacking Modi and working under the patronage of regional political parties.

It is not hidden from anyone that the state of the Congress is becoming secondary in the states and if this process is not stopped, the existence of the Congress will be questioned. After Bihar, assembly elections of states like Bengal, Uttar Pradesh are to be held further. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress, except China and Pakistan, should hold the public's finger with the party's stance on serious social problems and their solutions.