Deepa Mehta's film Funny Boy nominated for Oscar

Famous filmmaker Deepa Mehta's upcoming film 'Funny Boy' has been nominated for an Oscar. The film will represent Canada in the Best International Film category at the 93rd Academy Awards. This director's film is going to be included for the second time in this category competition. Earlier in 2007, Deepa's film 'Water' was nominated in the international feature film category.

Like 'Earth' and 'Fire'. The popular films were also directed by Deepa. Deepa made the film under the title of Shyam Selvadurai's 1994 novel 'Phani Boy'. The film is based on the experiences of a young man in Sri Lanka during the 70s and 80s. Between minority Tamils ​​and the majority Sinhalese community, the political tension was at its peak.

The young man has grown up in a family that cannot accept anyone by going outside the social rules. 'We are confident that members of Deepa Mehta's' Funny Boy 'academy are in the same way,' said Krista Dickenson, executive director of Telefilm Canada, who chaired the Canadian selection committee to decide the country's entry for the Oscars.

Would love, the way his film 'Water' was liked in 2007. Deepa Mehta raised in New Delhi and living in Toronto, believes that 'Funny Boy' creates hope in a divided world.