Digital payment system made the way easier for small businesses

Digital payment tools have proved to be of great help to businessmen in lockdown. They not only carried forward the business journey of small businessmen but also provided them many simple options. This kept his business in financial balance despite all the plagues. Take, for example, Naveen Chandra, who runs a hosiery business in Patna.

During the Corona period, employees were getting less, business meetings could not be held and there was also a problem with transactions. Naveen looked for digital payment tools, took his help and got the business moving. This story is not just about Naveen.

Thousands of shopkeepers like him turned the problem into solutions with online tools. In such a situation, we are telling you about some such tools, which will help you to make the path of a business easier and take it on a wider and wider scale.


With this tool, you can do accounting work comfortably. It has smart HR management software, from which employees can be managed. It has an assisted facility for connection and feedback from customers.

Google Pay: 

With the help of this you can get paid easily. This app is very safe in transactions. In this, from one bank account to another transfer money instantly to account and give a special offer to you and rewards are also available on the transaction. The safety circle is extremely strong. This is 24 * 7 counterfeiting, safeguarding against hacking.

Google My Business: 

Google My Business is a free tool that helps to attract new customers from Google. Use the Google My Business application to connect with customers. Simultaneously keep your business presence up-to-date on Google search and maps.


Business and digital marketing skill learning primer is a fast, free and easy app. You can do this through business planning, management, sales, digital advertising, social media, content marketing, You can learn SEO, analytics, branding anytime.


With the help of Instamojo, you can collect payments. You can create an online store for free, deliver the product and take a loan.

Paytm for Business:

This Gateway allows you to check transactions and settlement through your online merchant account, view a display of QR code, and contact its 24/7 help desk. You can sign up by adding your name and bank account number and start accepting payments immediately.