Everyone's progress in the advancement of MSME

The growth of MSMEs is the prosperity of the nation. This motto fully defines micro, small and medium businesses. There is no doubt that digital thinking has been strengthened in the country during the Corona period. It has broadened the reach of businessmen. This is to say, Ajay Singh, Deputy Director of Industries Association (Delhi State Chapter).
According to Ajay Singh, the practice of digitalization is that it can be extended to reach more people at a lower price. Small shopkeepers should take advantage of this. Customers should also encourage buying from the businessmen in their neighborhood, as they are more reliable and transparent. The government will also have to provide such a medium to bring the traders on the digital platform, which is compatible with the ability of the traders.
At the same time, local businesses will have to put their point on the digital platform and explore new solutions. The government has given a fund of three lakh crore rupees without any guarantee. 20 crore fund given to small-medium businessmen troubled by Corona. The government has given a new definition of small-medium businesses. Businessmen are able to work with 50-60 percent of workers, which is affecting their productivity.
In such a situation, it is necessary to make efforts at every level to empower small and medium businesses. Because these pave the way for the progress of the nation. For this, there is a need to create banking systems, loan procedures, strong national and international level and capable digital platforms for merchants.
He said that there should be an international digital platform for MSMEs. The use of digital increases the reach of retail traders. MSMEs need to be empowered through Make Small Strong. It will also have to strengthen the technology transfer and intelligence system of MSMEs. Google is working on this matter. Google will also have to make the package available according to the strength of the traders.
The main thing is that a small businessman will have to learn to improve themselves in this new environment, they have to understand the new behavior of consumers. They have to redefine the process of work and productivity. Apart from this, the banking system is also repaired.