Freedom to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir

Any citizen living in any part of the country can now build a house of dreams in Kashmir, known as heaven on earth. Not only homes but by buying land, shops for business and farmers can buy agricultural land and grow saffron, apples, walnuts on it. They will also not require a domicile and permanent citizenship certificate (PRC).
Nearly a year after the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act came into force, the Modi government amended the laws relating to the Land Ownership Act, repealing 12 laws relating to land ownership. In order to implement the central laws in this regard, Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization have issued Third Order, 2020.

Saffron flowers bloom in the valley

Violet flowers of saffron have bloomed in Pampore fields of Pulwama district before snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir. The farmers have also started cutting the flowers. Although farmers worried about decreasing yields due to climate change. This has led to a 50 to 60 percent reduction in saffron production in the Valley over the years. 

Agricultural land can only be sold to farmers

Due to the law of the law, agriculture can be given only to the farmers, but whether the farmer will be a resident of Jama-Kashmir or living in any other part of the country, the situation is not clear. Apart from this, a revenue vote will be made under the chairmanship of the Veeyukta of Revenue Department.
The main authority will be to control and decide who to lease the land and what the land will be used for. Ownership of government land will not get ownership rights and agricultural land can only be sold to government institutions.