India strongly objected to wrong map in Saudi Note

India has strongly objected to not showing Jammu and Kashmir on the Indian map in the 20 riyal note issued by the National Bank of Saudi Arabia. India has asked Saudi Arabia to correct the mistake in this regard as soon as possible. External Affairs Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said, 'We have seen that the respective notes have misrepresented India's borders.

We have conveyed our serious concerns to the Saudi government through the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi and the Indian Embassy in Riyadh. We have asked the Saudi Arabian government to remove this flaw as soon as possible. We would like to point out that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are an integral part of India.

The Saudi Arabian currency issuing authority issued a note of 20 riyals on October 24, 2020. The notable fact is that next month. This note has been issued to commemorate the Group-20 countries being held in Saudi Arabia, which includes a map of the whole world. There is a lot of noise in the media of Pakistan about this map because it does not show the part of Gilgit Baltistan and slave Kashmir in Pakistan.

In this way, the entire Jammu and Kashmir are shown as an independent country. It is worth mentioning that the Government of Pakistan has released its new map on August 5, 2020, which covers parts of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. However, sources say that despite the objection to the map of the note, there is unlikely to be any adverse impact on relations between India and Saudi Arabia.