Navy launches missile during military exercise in Bay of Bengal

The Indian Navy on Friday successfully test-fired an anti-ship missile from its warship INS Kora in the Bay of Bengal. The Navy did so under an exercise that reflected its combat preparedness in strategic maritime zones around India. The Navy said the missile hit the target at the maximum range with extreme precision.

The Navy tweeted, "The anti-ship missile fired by INS Kora targeted the target at a maximum distance in the Bay of Bengal with precision." Last week, the Navy destroyed a sinking ship with extreme accuracy by an anti-ship missile at someplace in the Arabian Sea.

They released a video of the missile was fired from frontline corvette INS Prabal during extensive naval exercises carried out with aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya and several warships, combat helicopters, aircraft and other naval equipment. Indian Navy gave tensions between India and China over border deadlock in East Ladakh Has significantly increased its deployment in the Indian Ocean region.

The Indian Navy has participated in several joint maritime exercises in the last few weeks. It includes a three-day exercise with the Japanese Navy between 26–28 September. The Indian Navy also conducted a two-day exercise in the Indian Ocean region with the Australian Navy last month.