Racial discrimination in America with Kumar Mangalam's singer daughter

Ananya Birla, a daughter and singer of the nation's noted industrialist and chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, Kumar Mangalam Birla, was racially discriminated against in a famous celebrity restaurant in California. He was accompanied by his mother Neerja and brother Aryaman. The entire family was kicked out of the restaurant.

The incident occurred at the Scopa Restaurant in California. This Italian-American restaurant belongs to celebrity chef Antonio Lofaso. Ananya tweeted on Saturday night about the mistreatment she and her family had, saying, 'This restaurant is grossly racist and did not heal in any way with them. Along with Ananya, his mother and Kumar Mangalam's wife Neerja and brother Aryaman have also tweeted regarding the incident. Ananya tweeted to the restaurant owner Antonio, saying, 'We had to wait three hours at your restaurant to eat.

Here my mother was abused by a waiter and made racist remarks. Neeraja, the educationist and mental health activist, wife of Kumar Mangalam, tweeted, 'This is outrageous'. You do not have the right to treat anyone like this. Aryaman Birla tweeted that with me, this behavior did not happen anywhere. This phenomenon shows that racial discrimination is actually done. The restaurant was criticized after Ananya posted this complaint on Twitter.