Reality of hunger index

'Global Hunger Index 2020' report published by Concern Worldwide and Welthangerhilfe was released. According to this, the starvation situation in India is serious and ranks 94th in the list of 107 countries. There has been some improvement over the previous year. Despite this, India still lags behind its neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan.
 As soon as the report was made public, the Indian media, especially the English media, gave it a thumbs up. Opposition people, including the Congress, but the Modi government in the dock by making it the base. Has anyone investigated or researched the credibility of the report and its creator organizations? Welthangerhilphe and Concern Worldwide, both organizations, originated in the mind of the Catholic Church and Christian missionaries between 1960-70, whose past, present and subject are only through fear and temptation involved in the conversion.
Concern Worldwide was founded at the behest of an Irish Christian missionary in 1968 when Nigeria had eight years of liberation from the British colony and was in the grip of a fierce civil war. Christianity was propagated in this African country during the British rule of 1914-60, which is still continuing. Similarly, Germany-based Welthangerhilfe was founded in 1962 by the then President of East Germany and Heinrich L├╝bke, a member of the Roman Catholic Church. The institution is currently headed by Marlehn Thieme, who has been associated with the German evangelical church council since 2003. Apart from the church, its main members are the Catholic Bishops Commission, Germany's Left Party (D-Link) and the left-backed trade union.
Is it possible that a purely Indian institution? Make a negative report on another country and the society (including media) take immediate cognizance of it and trust it? Recently, an Indian organization called the Legal Right Observatory (LRO) had revealed how Germany-Belgium-based churches had sent crores of rupees to India to defend the conspirators of the Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Far from taking cognizance of the media in the respective countries on this report, of their own country Most of the media did not discuss it.
Of course, there are some voluntary organizations in the country, which are playing an important role in the development of the country in spite of limited resources, but there are many NGOs who are involved in the environment, social justice, poverty under the guise of education, women empowerment, tolerance, human rights and animal rights, not only are we attacking our pluralistic traditions, but also anti-India. At the behest of foreign powers, they are also hurting the economy by stalling developmental activities. All Indian NGOs receive donations in the name of 'service' from various American-European Christian organizations (including churches).
The truth is that for these organizations the only meaning of 'service' is conversion. Since the basic character of America and European countries have become Christian-dominated centuries ago, there is no meaning of 'service'. Now the people of Indian society who believe in the 'special purpose-driven' report of the same organizations, every single word is written as Brahmavakya, are actually plagued by 'intellectual slavery'. Such people suffer from an inferiority complex. what. Modi government against the starvation report of the church inspired NGOs and NGOs involved in anti-India activities, Is there any relation to the action? The government has canceled the registration of about 16,500 NGOs. After this, there was a decrease of about 40 percent in foreign donations.
The seriousness of this action can also be gauged from the fact that between 2016-19, NGOs registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) received foreign grants of Rs 58,000 crore. The depth of the global network of these alleged voluntary organizations is answered by the statement of UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet. On the FCRA amendment bill, Bachlett says, 'vaguely defined laws are increasingly being used to suppress the voices of human rights. In response to this, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said, "Legislation is certainly a sovereign privilege.
Those who break it cannot be spared on the pretext of human rights. A more informed approach was expected from this institution. Now consider the chronology of Bachhlet's anti-India statement as the disputed British 'Amnesty International has stopped its operations in India before it, the charitable institution Oxfam protected by the British Church has reacted adversely to the FCRA amendments. While Amnesty is facing a serious FCRA violation case in the country, the truth of Oxfam is hidden in its activities. Its officials and employees have spent money in the 2010 earthquake-hit Caribbean country of Haiti to pacify their desires.
The British Parliament has also condemned this incident, blaming humanity. Now see the double character's culmination. Indian passport holders who immediately believed the report prepared by the British non-governmental organization 'Thomson Reuters Foundation' by talking to only 548 people over the phone in 2018, declared India as the world's most dangerous country for women, His mouth has not opened to Oxfam's handiwork till date.
For this, contemplation is responsible, which, being mentally enslaved, inadvertently becomes an ally of the powers whose sole goal is to fragment India. The masks of these organizations hating pluralism and eternal culture may be different, but the agenda is one. In this backdrop, would those who believe in a report like 'Global Hunger Index' suffering from bias, be irrefutable?