Twitter rebuked for showing Ladakh as part of China

The parliamentary committee has reprimanded micro-blogging site Twitter for showing Ladakh as part of China. The committee says that this act is like treason. The native American company will have to provide a written explanation of this. Representatives of Twitter India appeared before the parliamentary committee on Wednesday regarding the data protection bill.
This parliamentary constituted under the chairmanship of BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi. The committee is discussing the Data Protection Bill, 2019. Sources said that representatives of Twitter India apologized in the Ladakh case, to which the committee members said it was a criminal act. Apology to Twitter India, which acts as a marketing unit in this case, is not enough. In this context, the US parent company Twitter Inc will have to give an affidavit.
Representatives of Twitter India were questioned for over two hours. Meenakshi Lekhi said, 'Twitter India representatives said that the company respects the sentiments of Indians. But this matter is not only about the feelings of India and Indians. It is a question of integrity and sovereignty of the country and not respecting it a Criminal act. Misrepresenting the map of India is a crime of treason and can lead to seven years in jail.
Lekhi said that Twitter was also questioned over its ban policy. The company's policy in this regard is unclear. In many cases, its policy violates the right to freedom of expression. Some members of the committee also questioned Twitter's policy regarding transparency.