5G network model will be ready next year

Good news for mobile consumers around the country. Calling, data transfer, and other facilities are expected to be available on the 5G network by next year. IIT Kanpur, Madras (Chennai), and Bombay (Mumbai) are working together on the network.

IIT Kanpur and Madras have started network testing, under which the speed of the internet is being tested along with testing and data transfer for multi-mobile users (many mobile users). Speed ​​is not relatively fast in the initial phase, for which software upgrades are being done. Work is underway on the design of new hardware.

These are being done under Make in India. Previous testing in May, voice calling was better than 4G, while looking at 5G was somewhat weak. Internet speed in it 32 Gbps (GigaByte Seconds), while software and hardware upgrades are set to 64 Gbps. 5G technology is being developed in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunication.

Funding is being done for their research. IIT Kanpur is designing the base portion of the base station, called the baseband, while the IIT Madras is building the radio frequency unit at the top of the tower. This unit catches the signal in the air. Antina is being designed by IIT Bombay's Society for Applied Microwave Electronics and Engineering Research (SAMEER). IIT Bombay is also working on core networking.