A company fined for not building a green house on time

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has fined the company for not producing a greenhouse on time for the cultivation of colored capsicum.

The company has been ordered to pay about Rs 14 lakh in three months along with the expenses incurred for completing the work, along with the compensation of Rs 3 lakh for the mental anguish reached to the complainant for leaving the work incomplete. The complainant, Sohan Bir, had registered himself under the Haryana government scheme, in which the government used to pay a subsidy to farmers cultivating healthy houses by constructing greenhouses.

Cultivation of capsicum was also included in the plan. According to the complainant, Rajiv Singh of M / s Prema Enterprises to construct the greenhouse for Rs 25,90,000. Two quotations were sent on September 12, 2015 and September 14, 2015, according to which the greenhouse construction was to be completed on December 27, 2015. The complaint stated that the contracting company left the work incomplete in May 2016. 

Later he had to get the work done by buying construction material from another place and applying laborers. Sohan Bir Singh accused the contracting company of lack of service and requested the commission to get compensation. The Commission ordered the company to pay compensation of Rs. 3 lakh to the company for the harassment and mental harassment caused to the complainant and to give Rs. 14 lakh of the arrears.