A Story of Scared Pakistan

Pakistan Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhary exposed this truth in the case of Pakistan sponsored terror. He publicly exposed this reality in the Pakistani Parliament on 29 October. Chaudhary said, "We entered and killed Hindustan and our success in Pulwama is the success of the community under the leadership of Imran Khan." Later, Chaudhary made all efforts to get rid of this remark, but the fact is that he used these words in his Parliament. Chaudhary and Pak may do whatever they want to get rid of it, but they cannot do it even if they want.

On February 14 last year, there was a tremendous suicide attack in Pulwama. Central Reserve Police Force in this attack was carried out by Jaish-e-Muhammad which means 40 CRPF jawans were sacrificed. India blamed Pakistan for this heinous crime. Chah continued to deny this. Now the Pakistani minister himself has confirmed the Indian claim. Pakistan may deny its involvement in terrorism, but all countries see it with the same view that it uses terrorism as a weapon to serve its strategic interests. Fawad Chaudhary's statement can convince the whole world that Pakistan is a terrorist country.

All the experts in strategic affairs have till now believed that only the Pakistani army and its infamous intelligence agency curb terrorism. Chaudhary's statement also exposed that the Pakistani government is equally active in promoting terror. Indian diplomats must ensure that Chaudhary's confession is widely disseminated internationally.

The said speech of Fawad Chaudhary in the Pakistani Parliament came after the revelation by MP Ayaz Sadiq that Pakistan released Wing Commander Abhinandan. Because Pakistani leaders were afraid of a possible attack from India. Recall that 12 days after the Pulwama terror attack, the Indian Air Force carried out an airstrike on the terrorist camps in Balakot, and the very next day, Abhinandan went into the Pakistani border in a collision with Pakistani aircraft. However, before that, he had destroyed a Pakistani aircraft. Ayaz Sadiq's statement has to be taken very seriously, as he is a senior leader of Nawaz Sharif's party PML-N.

He has been an MP for over 20 years and has also been a speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Seeing his importance, I am presenting his statement in the same form here. Sadiq said I remember that Shah Mahmood Qureshi Saheb was in a meeting in which PM Sahib refused to come and the Chief of Army Staff brought Tashrif, trembling feet, sweating his forehead. Foreign Minister Sahib Shah Mehmood told us that for God's sake let it go back now because India is attacking Pakistan at nine o'clock at night.

Although the Pakistani government and Ayaz Sadiq himself made it clear that the trembling statement was not for Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa, Qureshi, one can easily guess by watching Sadiq's video that he talking about Bajwa itself. Naturally, such a revelation about the army chief is not acceptable to the army, as it will ruin the image of the army which it has created with great precaution among the public. The reputation of the military was hurt by this image deterioration. Hence, a lot of smudges was done. Even after this, the damage was to be done, because it established that Pakistan released the greetings only after being afraid of the Indian attack and increasing tension.

The Pakistani army expressed regret over the incident, saying that Sadiq's statement dragged the issue of national security into politics. He reiterated the same cliché of Pakistan from the Pulwama attack to the Abhinandan episode, but after Sadiq's remarks, the exercise made the army a scandal. If the Pakistani public believes the facts then the prestige of the army will come down. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is accusing opposition parties of speaking the language of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

There is no doubt that he said this to attack the image of the opposition parties, but will he succeed because Sadiq said that he is adamant about his statement. In his address on National Unity Day in memory of Sardar Patel, Prime Minister Modi also mentioned these Pakistani statements. They also have a deep implication for the Indian strategic doctrine, as this indicates that despite all the audacity, Pakistan is awe-struck by the stern steps of the Indian Army. The surgical strike and the Balakot attack have left a deep impact on Pakistan.

There are also signs from Pakistan that it is drowning in the trough of radical thinking. This is visible not only at violent levels like Lashkar and Jaish but also at the level of government itself. This was revealed when Imran also cast his Vesuri tantrum in favor of Turkish rhetoric on French President Emmanuel Macron's statement about the terrorist attack in France. Imran accused Macron of Islamophobia.

This was completely baseless, as Macron was referring to the violent nature of Islam. Any kind of terror cannot be justified. India did exactly this by raising its voice in favor of this principle.